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If you test drive a vehicle then you must make sure that you do not surrender your driver's license over to them.
  • Research your potential vehicle before you buy
  • Do not let the dealer suck you in
  • Make sure to negotiate with the dealer

Do Not Let the Dealer Get You

One thing you do not want to have happen is for an auto dealer to completely take advantage of you during the auto buying process. This is not a good way to set yourself up in the beginning. If you do not have a car that you enjoy there will be no drive to get the best auto insurance policies. The following are some tips that you can use in order to make sure that you do not fall victim to any of the company's mind games. It is so important that you let them know who is boss and that you always look out for your needs, because they will be looking out for their needs. Just a little time and effort can turn this process into one that you are in complete control of.


You need to do your own research on the automobiles that you are looking into buying. The more you know about an auto the less you will have to hear from the dealer. The company might try to make one car sound a lot better then it truly is. This is something you can combat by just doing a bit of research. The company will be shocked and will know that you truly mean business. You can also help yourself during the research process by knowing what you expect out of a car, and what you are truly looking for. Anytime you can limit dealer suggestions then you are putting yourself in a good position. Do not fear the research.

They Will Try to Suck You In

Companies will try to put you in a position where you can be sucked in. This can happen in a few ways. If you test drive a vehicle then you must make sure that you do not surrender your driver's license over to them. With this information they can credit check you and hold you hostage. They are in control of your license and do not have to give it back to you until you buy a car. This sounds shady, and that is because it is. Always look out for your best interest and do not put yourself in a position where you lose some control. If they suck you in then you are truly in trouble.

You Own Negotiations

In the end you need to set it all up for you to be in control of negotiations. The more you know about the cars and what to expect the better. Dealers prey on people who are not well informed. This is why you must inform yourself to the best of your abilities. Negotiations are something that dealers like to control. They will truly be shocked at your knowledge and will give you some more leeway.